Shell announces exit from Russian oil and gas; Ukrainian minister appreciates position

Dmytro Kuleba made an appeal on social media and called on ethical and responsible companies to stop or suspend operations with or in Russia


After announcing the end of participation in joint venture with Russian company Gazprom shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukrainea shell informed this Tuesday, 8, that it plans to withdraw from Russian hydrocarbons. In a Twitter post, the company said: “As an immediate first step, we will stop all spot purchases of Russian crude oil, close service stations, jet fuel and lubricant operations in Russia”. In a statement, Shell apologized for having purchased a cargo of crude oil last week and said it was perfectly aware of that decision. “Although it was done with safety of supplies first – it was not the right one and we apologize,” wrote the company, which also said they will work together with aid partners and humanitarian agencies to alleviate the dire consequences that the war is facing. having on the people of Ukraine.

In the morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, reported via Twitter that Ukraine has asked ethically and socially responsible global companies to “stop or suspend operations with or in Russia, thereby refusing to fund its violence, murders and crimes against humanity.” Along with the tweet, Kuleba shared a statement in which he appeals to the global business community. The minister thanked Shell for its position on its social network. “Thanks to @Shell for taking this moral and responsible step and encouraging other companies worldwide to follow suit.”

Source: Jovempan

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